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As a professional advertising umbrella manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, practical and publicity advertising umbrellas. We offer a wide range of sizes, colors and styles to meet the different needs and individual requirements of our customers.

Advertising umbrellas are versatile in their use. First of all, as a tool for corporate publicity and promotion, advertising umbrellas can improve brand awareness and exposure, and are an important marketing means for enterprises. Secondly, advertising umbrellas can be used as event giveaways or prizes to attract customers to participate in various marketing activities, increasing brand influence and sales. In addition, customized advertising umbrellas can also increase customer loyalty, and strengthen customers’ sense of identity and loyalty to the enterprise through personalized service and care. Finally, the advertising umbrella can be given as a corporate holiday gift, souvenir or employee welfare to convey the care and warmth of the enterprise, while improving employee cohesion and loyalty.

Custom Umbrella ls Workable. Custom Logo Prints Can Be Any Where Any TypeWant Your Own Custom Logo Printing Umbrellas
Beginning in 2011,professionally making umbrellas for 10+ yesrs
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